In the eternity of space in your heart and on your face

Omni Padme Um

Japan Version


1.Super Superman
2.Omni Padme Um
3.Shoot me in the back
4.Angel of the night
5.Winter Butterfly
6.Please… Think of me
7.Give me your love
9.Morir de amor
10.Te Amaré
11.Señor Padre
13.Creo en ti

Produced by: Oscar Goméz
Recorded in: Weslake Audio Studios (Los Angeles)
Engineers: Eric Zobler and Eddie Cherney
Metal recorded by: Eric Zobler
Strings recorded in: CBS Studios (London)
Engineer: Walter Samuel
Mixed in:
Weslake Audio Studios (Los Angeles) by Juergen Koppers
and in Union Studios (Munich) by Zekel Lunch

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